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I'm a ♀
I'm 15 years old
i draw a lot
i spend most of my time lazing around

this blog is all about me and my surroundings and my random rants and my random doodles and my random stories


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2010.05.21 Fortune, Lottery and Other Things <<23:36

i was hoping to make entries at least twice a week, but whatever, i just can't keep it... ;__;

have you guys ever try something like lottery or buying a product with prize in it?
recently, i've been buying a drink product that contains direct prize in it. we have to scrub the warp packaging to see if we get the prize or not, it's kinda fun~ :D

but i really lack fortune for things that need luck.. it's kinda sad though i always scrubs it.. i'm getting to doubt the product, maybe it was just for promotion? >8(
try again WTH

but i had once got a direct prize, money to be exact, in a peanut snack product.. though it was just IDR 5.000, at least i have something to be proud of~ well, not that proud i know.. :3

i usually play cards too, poker, 41, etc. i like playing cards~ though i rarely win, at least i'm not the looser that often.. :D
well.. my WIP recently that probably the longest one to finish..

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2010.03.04 March Wishes <<00:20

nononononono, it's already 00:10 here and tomorrow i have to get up early... NOOOOOOOOO

March wishes:
-get best scores
-pass all the exams (general and national exam)
-get best result
-hold manga workshop
-save some money
-watch Durarara!
-draw more
-color more
-finish tasks (school and MMS)
-get out of art block and hiatus
-make manga
-be more active online

guess there are too much for a month, huh? =___=

a 10 min or less sketch to make this entry a bit more colorful (click to see bigger ver.)


my RP characters: purple one is Veera Chaviolette (when she's younger) -Canvas Ranger
green haired one is Lilac Alto Viscaria -Academy of Heroes

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