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I'm a ♀
I'm 15 years old
i draw a lot
i spend most of my time lazing around

this blog is all about me and my surroundings and my random rants and my random doodles and my random stories


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2010.02.28 UNO Birthday Cake <<00:18

24 february was my birthday, this year i'm turning 15 "and when you're..15"~ i am so happy for all the gift my friends gave me,
there are lots of congratulations too~ >///<

my friens give me a great present like this one, UNO birthday cake, srsly...

uno cake

the cake was re-made several times under some circumstances, first, Miss.D blew it, and then Miss.W, and when i finally blew it, Mr.G and Miss.K insist me to blew another one and make a wish before i blow it.. -___-;

my wish is: graduate with a good score and pass the national exam with the highest score

but it was so much fun and quite a good exp. before i graduate this year~ i'll miss them so much! ;v;
some people also give me 'actual' present, such as drawings and drawings and, i'm not complaining.. =__= in fact, i AM really HAPPY! =D

i make this picture yesterday for everyone who congratulates me on my b-day


they are AoH character on deviantart the girl belongs to me, the man belongs to sorakawa, and the boy belongs to hyrika~ XD this will be my collab with sorakawa on DA

don't forget to give me present next year~ =D

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Aww those pics are charming <3

Such a close date... so, happy belated birthday!

Ayo semangat hajar midterm!
2010.03.10(01:41) / URL / Fiohnel / [ Edit ]

Re: No title

thank you!
fiohnel juga midterm?
2010.03.13(08:20) / URL / Callolita / [ Edit ]