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I'm a ♀
I'm 15 years old
i draw a lot
i spend most of my time lazing around

this blog is all about me and my surroundings and my random rants and my random doodles and my random stories


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2010.03.16 2 Months <<18:27

I still have 2 (or 3?) months left before i could be free from studying..
I've been in drawing hiatus for almost 2 months by now, i wanted to draw so badly but i'm afraid i won't have good grades if i don't study.. >__<

2 weeks to go before NATIONAL EXAMS.. orz... wish me luck! TAT

here's the last piece i could done before my real hiatus starting this week


this is supposed to be a poster for comic workshop in my school, but i don't know if the workshop will actually be held or not... =___=
it's a little bit sketchy and all, since i done it in a rush..

yeah, one more thing, again, WISH ME LUCK please!!!

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Oh wow, what a cute picture!! I love your colors and how it's all like a collage!

aww i know how feel about grades and drawing :C I post alot this week only bc I'm on break..otherwise I'll be back on hiatus until summer orz But don't give up school! It's very very important :3 I back you up 100% Don't give up!!
2010.03.16(22:04) / URL / mou / [ Edit ]

I like you art~ so cute and so soft ^^
Good luck on your exam!! Gambatte ne!!
2010.03.17(23:49) / URL / Inu / [ Edit ]

Hello ! :D Nice to meet you !!
It's nice to see some Umineko fans on FC2 !

Your drawings are super cute >3<

I hope that my articles which are writting in French won't bother :c (yes I'm French XD)

See~ya :D
2010.03.20(00:02) / URL / Kizoku-chan / [ Edit ]

Re: Kizoku-chan

thank you for accepting! i love umineko, especially the song! *shot*

no, i'm not bothered, and actually i'm learning french too in school :)
2010.03.23(17:36) / URL / Callolita / [ Edit ]

Re: Mou

thank you, mou! i'm so happy~ =v=
i'll do my best in both!
2010.03.23(17:39) / URL / Callolita / [ Edit ]

Re: Inu

Thank you! i'll be sure to do my best! =v=
btw, it seems like i can't add you, i can't find any friend request form, sorry!! DX
2010.03.23(17:41) / URL / Callolita / [ Edit ]


oh, I completely forgot that I disabled blog friend a long time ago.
I re-added it now, thanks for reminded me XD
2010.03.24(22:30) / URL / Inu / [ Edit ]

Re: RE;

haha no problem! i've add you btw :)
2010.04.02(10:33) / URL / Callolita / [ Edit ]

Hello ^^

XD Yeah very sorry, I guess my article was full of grammar mistakes *srsly I'm not good in French XD*
Yes yes, I was talcking about Touhou and fandom of it xD

I guess, I will write all of my future articles in English lolz
2010.04.16(00:52) / URL / Kizoku-chan / [ Edit ]